Import CSV

Upload - click Choose File and browse for the .csv file you would like to Upload.

Delimiter - a delimiter is a character that is used to separate text strings. Select an appropriate delimiter (Semicolon, Comma, Space or Tab) to match what your .csv file uses. If your .csv file uses different character as delimiter, click the check box Other and enter the character. Data preview shows the contents of your .csv file which can help you identify the type of delimiter used to separate strings.

Column mapping - once the .csv file has been uploaded and parsed, you can map each desired column in the imported CSV file to an ERA column (Name, Email Address, Device name, Description, etc.) displayed in the table. Use the drop-down lists to select which CSV column should be associated with a specific ERA column. If your .csv file does not have a header row, deselect the CSV Heading check box. See the Table preview to make sure the column mapping is set correctly and the import operation will work the way you want.


Once you have successfully mapped each of the columns and the table preview looks correct, click Import to begin the operation.