Agent protection

The ERA Agent is protected by a built-in self-defense mechanism. This feature provides the following:

oProtection against modification of ERA Agent registry entries (HIPS)

oFiles that belong to ERA Agent cannot be modified, replaced, deleted or altered (HIPS)

oERA Agent process cannot be killed

oThe ERA Agent Service cannot be stopped, paused, disabled, uninstalled or otherwise compromised

Some of the protection is covered by the HIPS feature included in your ESET product.


To ensure full protection of the ERA Agent, HIPS must be enabled on a client computer.

Password-protected setup

In addition to self-defense, you can password-protect access to the ERA Agent (available for Windows only). When password-protection is configured, the ERA Agent cannot be uninstalled or repaired unless the correct password is provided. To set an ERA Agent password, you need to create the appropriate policy for ERA Agent.