Stop Managing (Uninstall ERA Agent)

This task will uninstall ERA Agent from selected target devices. If a desktop is selected, the task will remove the ERA Agent. If a mobile device is selected, the task will cancel MDM enrollment of the device.

After the device is no longer managed (Agent is removed), some settings may remain in the managed products.

validation-status-icon-warning IMPORTANT

We recommend that you reset some settings (for example, password protection) to default settings using a policy before the device is removed from management. All tasks running on the Agent will be abandoned. The Running, Finished or Failed execution status of this task may not be displayed accurately in ERA Web Console depending on replication. After the Agent is uninstalled, you can manage your security product via integrated EGUI or eShell.


Settings are not available for this task.

We recommend you follow this procedure when removing a device:

1.If the device has some special settings that you do not want to maintain, create a policy to restore unwanted settings to default values ​​(or values which are desirable).

2.Wait until the policy is applied.

3.Proceed with the Stop Managing task, navigate to Admin > Client Tasks > New...

4.Fill in information about the task and select Stop Managing in the Task drop down.

5.You can review the task in the Summary section.

6.Click Finish and select Create trigger.

icon_section Summary

Review the summary of configured settings and click Finish. The Client Task is now created and a pop-up window will open. We recommend you to click Create Trigger to specify when this Client Task should be executed and on what Targets. If you click Close, you can create a Trigger later on.