License Management

ESET Remote Administrator uses a completely new ESET licensing system. You can easily manage your licenses via ESET Remote Administrator. By purchasing licensing for any ESET business product, you automatically receive access to ESET Remote Administrator.


You can activate your ESET product using ESET Remote Administrator. This applies to earlier versions as well.

If you already have an ESET-issued Username and Password that you want to convert to a License Key, see Convert legacy license credentials. The Username and the Password have been replaced by a License Key/Public ID. A License Key is a unique string used to identify the license owner and the activation itself. A Public ID is a short string used to identify the license to a third party (for example, the Security Admin responsible for the Unit distribution).

The Security Admin can be used to manage specific licenses and is different from a License Owner. The license owner can delegate a license to a security admin, authorizing that person to manage specific licenses. If they accept, they receive license management privileges. We recommend that all license owners also create Security Admin accounts for themselves.

Licenses can be managed from this section, online by clicking Open ELA (ESET License Administrator), or using the ESET License Administrator web interface (see the Security Admin section).

Permissions for license management

Each user can be assigned a permission for Licenses. Permissions are valid only for license contained in the static group where that permission set is assigned. Each type of permission allows user for different actions.

validation-status-icon-warning IMPORTANT

A new security model in ERA 6.5 has changed license management. Only administrators whose home group is set to All, with Write permission on licenses in the home group, can add or remove licenses. Each license is identified by its Public ID and can contain one or more units. Licenses can be distributed only by an administrator to other users (lower Admins). A license is not reducible.

Working in Web Console

The License Management section in ESET Remote Administrator is accessible from the main menu under Admin > License Management.

Licenses can be identified by their Public ID. In ESET License Administrator and ERA, each license is identified by Public ID, License Type and Flags:

License Type can be Full_Paid (paid license), Trial (trial license) and NFR (license Not For Resale).

Flags include MSP, Business and a Consumer.

The list of licenses is shown in categories (activated by) icon_offline_licenseOffline license,icon_license_ownerLicense Key or icon_security_admin Security Admin.

You can use Modes to change select mode (Single or Multiple). Click the modes arrow in upper right corner and choose from the context menu:

icon_singleselect_default Single select mode - you can select single item.

icon_multiselect_default Multiple item select mode - lets you use the check boxes to select multiple items.

icon_reload Refresh - reloads/refreshes displayed information.

expand_default Expand All - Lets you display all information.

collapse_default Collapse All - Lets you hide all information.


The security Product name for which its license is intended.

The overall Status of the license (if the license is expired, overused, or at risk of expiration or overuse, a warning message will be displayed here).

The number of Units that can be activated with this license and number of offline units.

The number of Subunits of ESET server products (mailboxes, gateway protection, connections).

The license Expiration date.

The license Owner name and Contact.

License Status is displayed for the active menu item.

icon_success Green - Your license is activated successfully.

validation-status-icon-error Red - The license is not registered via ESET License Administrator, or the license has expired.

validation-status-icon-warning Orange - Your license is still depleted or is about to expire (expiration is due in 30 days).

Synchronize licenses

ESET License Administrator automatically syncs once a day. Click Synchronize licenses to refresh license information in ERA immediately.

Access Group Filter


The Access Group filter button enables users to select a static group and filter viewed objects according to the group where they are contained.

Add License or License key

Click Add Licenses and then select the method you want to use to add your new license(s):

1.License Key - Enter a license key for a valid license and click Add License. The license key will be verified against the activation server and added to the list.

2.Security Admin Credentials - Connect a security admin account and all its licenses to the License Management section.

3.License File - Add a license file (.lf) and click Add License. The license file will be verified and the license added to the list.

Remove Licenses

Select a license from the list above and click this to remove it completely. You will be asked to confirm this action. Removal of the license does not trigger deactivation of the product. Your ESET product will remain activated even after the license has been deleted in ERA License Management.

Licenses can be distributed to ESET products from ERA using two tasks:

The software installation task

The product activation task

light-bulbEXAMPLE: How can Administrator share licenses among branch admins

There are three users and Administrator, each user has his own home group:

John, San Diego

Larry, Sydney

Makio, Tokyo

Administrator imports 3 licenses. These are contained in static group All and other users can not use them.


Administrator can click the cogwheel icon_config next to license which he wants to assign to other user. Click move_default Access Group > move_default Move and chose group where user has permission. For user John, click group San Diego. John needs to have Use permission for Licenses in group San Diego.

When the user John logs in, he can see and use only the license which was moved to his group. Administrator should repeat the process analogically for other users (Larry and Makio), afterward, users can see only their license, while Administrator can see them all.