Move Static Group

Click the icon_cogwheel symbol next to the group name and select Move. A pop-up window will be displayed showing the groups tree structure. Select the target group (static or dynamic) into which you want to move the selected group. The target group will become a parent group. You can also move groups by dragging and dropping a group into the target group of your choice.


You cannot move a Static Group into a Dynamic Group. Also, it is not possible to move pre-defined Static Groups (for example, Lost & found) to any other group. Other groups can be moved freely. A Dynamic Group can be a member of any other group including Static Groups.

The following methods can be used when moving groups:

Drag and drop - click and hold the group you want to move and release it above new parent group.


icon_cogwheel > Move > select a new parent group from the list and click OK.


icon_cogwheel > Edit > select Change parent group.