Add License - License Key

ESET Remote Administrator has its own License Management which is accessible from the main menu under Admin > License Management.

You can use one of the three methods when adding a license, you can enter the License Key, provide Security Admin credentials, or upload an Offline license file.

icon_section Type or copy and paste the License Key you received when you purchased your ESET security solution in to the License Key field. If you are using legacy license credentials (a Username and password), convert the credentials to a license key. If the license is not registered, it will trigger the registration process, which will be done on the ELA portal (ERA will provide the URL valid for registration based on the origin of the license).


icon_section Enter the Security Admin account credentials (ERA will display all delegate licenses in ERA License Manager).


icon_section Offline license file - copy a specific License file token and enter into ESET License Administrator portal and include the information about product(s) ERA is able to manage.


For further instructions how to download Offline license file, see License Owner or Security Admin.


One you are logged in ESET License Administrator portal, select the check box next to Allow management with Remote Administrator and enter Server Token (License file token from ERA) into ESET License Administrator portal when generating an offline license file, otherwise the license file won't be accepted by ESET Remote Administrator.


Go back to ERA License Management, select Browse for the offline license file you've exported in ELA, click Upload and then click Add licenses button.


List of licenses shown in categories (activated by) icon_license_ownerLicense Key, icon_offline_licenseOffline license or icon_security_admin Security Admin.


Licenses can be distributed to ESET security products from ERA using two tasks:

The Software installation task

The Product activation task