Agent deployment

ERA Agent deployment can be performed in a few different ways. You can deploy the Agent:

Remotely using GPO and SCCM - we recommend you this method for mass deployment of the ERA Agent on client computers (alternatively, you can use Server Task to deploy ERA Agent)

Locally - using an Agent installation package or Agent Live Installers, for example, if problems occur during remote deployment

Local deployment can be performed in three ways:

Agent Live Installers - using a generated script from within the ERA Web Console, you can distribute Agent Live Installers via email or run them from removable media (USB flash drive, etc.)
Server assisted installation - using the Agent installation package downloads certificates from the ERA Server automatically (recommended local deployment method)
Offline installation - using the Agent installation package, you must manually export certificates and use them in this deployment method

The Remote Agent deployment server task can be used for mass distribution of the Agent to client computers. It is the most convenient distribution method since it can be performed from Web Console without the need to deploy the Agent to each computer manually.

ERA Agent is very important because ESET security solutions running on client computers communicate with ERA Server exclusively through the Agent.

icon_details_hoverNOTE: Should you experience problems when deploying the ERA Agent remotely (the Server task Agent deployment fails) see the Troubleshooting guide.