Policies Wizard

You can use policies to configure your ESET product the same way you would from within the Advanced setup window of the product GUI. Unlike policies in Active Directory, ERA Policies cannot carry any script or series of commands.

Policies are created and managed in the Admin > Policies tab. Click Policies at the bottom and select New...

icon_section Basic

Enter a Name for the new policy. The Description field is optional.

icon_section Settings

Select your product from the drop-down menu.


Select a category in the tree on the left. In the right pane, edit settings as required. Each setting is a rule for which you can set a flag. To make navigation easier, all rules are counted. The number of rules you have defined in a particular section will be displayed automatically. Also, you'll see a number next to a category name in the tree on the left. This shows a sum of rules in all its sections. This way, you'll quickly see where and how many settings/rules are defined.

You can also use these suggestions to make policy editing easier:

ouse icon_plus to set Apply flag to all item in current a section
odelete rules using Trashcan icon