Service Script

Service script is a tool that provides help to customers that use ESET SysInspector by easily removing unwanted objects from the system.

Service script enables the user to export the entire ESET SysInspector log, or its selected parts. After exporting, you can mark unwanted objects for deletion. You can then run the modified log to delete marked objects.

Service Script is suited for advanced users with previous experience in diagnosing system issues. Unqualified modifications may lead to operating system damage.


If you have a suspicion that your computer is infected by a virus which is not detected by your antivirus program, follow the step-by-step instructions below:

Run ESET SysInspector to generate a new system snapshot.

Select the first item in the section on the left (in the tree structure), press Shift and select the last item to mark all items.

Right click the selected objects and select the Export Selected Sections To Service Script context menu option.

The selected objects will be exported to a new log.

This is the most crucial step of the entire procedure: open the new log and change the – attribute to + for all objects you want to remove. Please make sure you do not mark any important operating system files/objects.

Open ESET SysInspector, click File > Run Service Script and enter the path to your script.

Click OK to run the script.