Replication & information in individual tabs

If ERAC is connected to an ERAS which is operating as an upper server, clients from the lower servers will be displayed automatically. The types of replicated information can be configured on the lower server in Tools > Server Options > ReplicationReplicate "to" settings.

In this scenario, the following information may be missing:

Detailed alert logs (Threat Log tab)

Detailed On-demand scanner logs (Scan Log tab)

Detailed current client configurations in the.xml format (the Clients tab, the Configuration column, Protection Status, Protection Features, System Information)

Information from the ESET SysInspector program may also be missing. ESET SysInspector is integrated with generation 4.x ESET products and later.

If the information cannot be found in the dialog windows of the program, click the Request button (available under Actions > Properties > Configuration). Clicking this button will download missing information from a lower ERAS. Since replication is always initiated by a lower ERAS, the missing information will be delivered within the preset replication interval.

On the upper server you can set the level of logs that will be received by the server (Tools > Server Options > Advanced > Edit Advanced Settings... > ESET Remote Administrator > ERA Server > SetupServer Maintenance.... logs to accept).

NOTE: This option applies to all clients connected to the server (not only the replicated ones).