Rule creation example

The following steps demonstrate how to create a rule that will send email notification to the administrator if there is a problem with the Protection Status of any client workstations. The notification will also be saved to a file named log.txt.

1)Set the Trigger type drop-down menu to Client State.

2)Leave the options Priority, Activation after: and Repeat after every: at the predefined values. The rule will automatically be assigned priority 3 and will be activated after 24 hours.

3)In the Description field, type protection status notification for clients in HQ group.

4)Click Edit… in the Client filter section and only activate the ERA Groups IN section rule condition. In the lower part of this window click the link specify and type HQ in the new window. Click Add and then click OK (twice) to confirm. This designates that the rule is only applied to clients from the HQ group.

5)Further specify parameters for the rule in Parameters > Edit… Deselect all options except for Protection Status Any Warnings.

6)Proceed to the Action section and click the Edit… button. In the Action window, activate Email, specify recipients (To…) and Subject for the email. Then select the Log to file check box and enter the name and path of the log file to be created. As an option, you can select the Verbosity of the log file. Click OK to save the action.

7)Finally, use the Message text area to specify the verbiage that will be sent in the body of the email when the rule is activated. Example: “The client %CLIENT_LIST% reports protection status problem”.

8)Click Save as… to name the rule, e.g., ”protection status problems” and select the rule in the list of notification rules.

The rule is now active. If there is a problem with the protection status on a client from the HQ group, the rule will be run. The administrator will receive an email notification with an attachment containing the name of the problematic client. Click Close to exit the Notification Manager.