Types of updates

In addition to virus signature database updates (which can include ESET software kernel updates), program component upgrades are also available. Program component upgrades add new features to ESET security products and require a reboot.

The Mirror server allows an administrator to disable automatic downloading of program upgrades from ESET‘s update servers (or from an upper Mirror server) and disable its distribution to clients. Distribution can later be triggered manually by the administrator, if he is sure there will be no conflict between the new version and existing applications.

This feature is especially useful if the administrator wishes to download and use virus signature database updates when there is also a new program version available. If an older program version is used in conjunction with the most recent virus database version, the program will continue to provide the best protection available. Still, we recommend that you download and install the newest program version to gain access to new program features.

By default, program components are not automatically downloaded and must be manually configured in ERAS. For more information see chapter How to enable and configure Mirror.