Database connection setup

After a new database is created, you must specify connection parameters for the database server using one of two options:

1.Using DSN (data source name)
To open DSN manually, open the OBCD
Date Source Administrator
(Click Start > Run – and enter odbcad32.exe).
Example of a DSN connection:
DSN =ERASqlServer
Important: The use of the System DSN is recommended for ERA to work properly.
Important: On a 64-bit operating system, odbcad32.exe must be run from the %SystemRoot%\SysWOW64\ folder.

To make sure that the installation under MSSQL with Windows/Domain authentication is successful, make sure you use DSN format when entering the connection string.

2.Directly, using a complete connection string
All required parameters must be specified – driver, server and name of database.
This is an example of a complete connection string for MS SQL Server:
Driver ={SQL Server}; Server =hostname; Database =ESETRADB
This is an example of a complete connection string for Oracle Server:
Driver ={Oracle in instantclient10_1}; dbq =hostname: 1521/ESETRADB
This is an example of a complete connection string for MySQL Server:
Driver ={MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver}; Server =hostname; Database =ESETRADB
Click Set and specify the Username and Password for your connection. Oracle and MS SQL Server database connections also require a Schema Name.
Click Test Connection to verify the connection to the database server.

NOTE: We recommend using the database server authentication instead of windows/domain authentication.