Information filtering

ERAC offers several tools and features for the easy administration of clients and events. Having an advanced filtering system can often be priceless, especially on systems with a large number of clients, when the displayed information needs to be grouped and easily manageable. There are several tools in ERAC that allow you to efficiently sort and filter information about the connected clients.

Filter allows the administrator to display only information related to specific servers or client workstations. To show the filter options, click View > Show/Hide Filter Pane from the ERAC menu.

View mode

The number of columns displayed in the Clients tab can be adjusted by using the View mode drop-down menu on the right side of the Console. The Full View Mode displays all columns, while the Minimal View Mode shows only the most important columns. These modes are predefined and cannot be modified. To customize your view, select any of the available Custom View Modes. They can be configured under Tools > Console Options… > Columns - Show/Hide tab.

Note: You can change the order of columns (drag & drop) and their size in every view mode.