ESET Configuration Editor

The ESET Configuration Editor is an important component of the ERAC and is used for several purposes. Some of the most important are the creation of the following:

Predefined configurations for installation packages

Configurations sent as tasks or policies to clients

A general (.xml) configuration file

Configuration Editor is a part of ERAC and is represented mainly by the cfgedit.* files.

The Configuration Editor allows the administrator to remotely configure many of the parameters available in any ESET security product, especially those installed on client workstations. It also allows the administrator to export configurations to .xml files which can later be used for multiple purposes, such as creating tasks in ERAC, importing a configuration locally in ESET Endpoint Security, etc.

The structure used by the Configuration Editor is an .xml template which stores the configuration in a tree-like structure. The template is stored in the cfgedit.exe file. That is why we recommend that ERAS and ERAC be updated regularly.

Warning: The Configuration Editor allows you to modify any .xml file. Please avoid modifying or rewriting the cfgedit.xml source file.

For the Configuration Editor to function, the following files must be available: eguiHipsRa.dll, eguiHipsRaLang.dll, eguiRuleManagerRa.dll and eset.chm.