Advanced settings

The Advanced tab lets you optimize the ESET SysRescue CD according to the amount of memory on your computer. Select 576 MB and more to write the content of the CD to the operating memory (RAM). If you select less than 576 MB, the recovery CD will be permanently accessed when WinPE will be running.

In the External drivers section, you can insert drivers for your specific hardware (usually network adapter). Although WinPE is based on Windows Vista SP1, which supports a large range of hardware, occasionally hardware is not recognized. This will required that you add a driver manually. There are two ways of introducing a driver into an ESET SysRescue compilation - manually (the Add button) and automatically (the Aut. Search button). In the case of manual inclusion, you need to select the path to the corresponding .inf file (applicable *.sys file must also be present in this folder). In the case of automatic introduction, the driver is found automatically in the operating system of the given computer. We recommend using automatic inclusion only if ESET SysRescue is used on a computer that has the same network adapter as the computer on which the ESET SysRescue CD was created. During creation, the ESET SysRescue driver is introduced into the compilation so you do not need to look for it later.