User Manager

The User Manager tools allows you to administer user accounts for Console-Server authentication. The Administrator (full-access) and Read-Only accounts are predefined.

Click New to add a new user account for the Console-Server authentication. Define the User Name, the Password and the specific Permissions.

The Description field is for custom descriptions of the user, and is not mandatory.

The Permissions define the level of access the user has and the specific tasks he can perform. You can change the Console Access Password for each user accessing the console by selecting the specific user, and then click Change... next to Password for console authentication.

NOTE: The permissions for the predefined accounts (Administrator and Read-Only) can't be modified.

You can attach one or more Windows/Domain authentication groups to a selected ERA Server user. If a Windows/Domain group is assigned to multiple users, first user from the list of users will be used. The up and down arrows next to the list of user define the order of users.