ESET Endpoint Antivirus Uninstall Options

For remote uninstallation (push uninstall) of  ESET Endpoint Antivirus, the default configuration can be modified by clicking Edit...  next to the NOD32 version 2 field in Package Manager after you select Uninstall ESET Security Products for Windows and NOD32 version 2 .

The Edit Command Line Options window lets you apply several options such as Silent uninstallation (no confirmation is required from the user of the target machine), Restart (after uninstallation the target machine will be restarted) and more. If you select any of those options, they will be transferred as parameters into the field of NOD32 version 2 of Package Manager window after closing the Edit Command Line Options window via the OK button.

In the Custom options field of the Edit Command Line Options window you can type additional command line parameters. For example, you could use /L*v "my_log.log" to write the uninstall logs to the my_log.log file. Afterward you would have to look up that log file via Windows search. Alternatively, you could use the absolute path for the my_log.log file in the Custom options field.