Remote Install tab

This tab provides options for several remote installation methods of ESET Endpoint Security or ESET Endpoint Antivirus on clients. For detailed information, see Remote Installation.

1.To search for computers, you can use the default search task or create a new one. To create a new search task, click Add New... to start the Network Search Task Wizard. To run a search task, click Run. To modify a search task, right-click a task and click Edit.

2.Search results can be filtered using the Search Result Filter tool in the section below. Filtering the results does not affect the actual search task. Additional search criteria in the drop-down menu:

All – Shows all computers visible to ERAS.

Unmanaged / New – Shows computers that are not listed in the Clients tab of  ERA Console.

Managed with Last Connected Warning – Shows computers that are listed in the Clients tab of  ERA Console  which have not connected in a while (3 days by default). The time interval is configurable in menu Tools > Console Options... > Colors > Clients: Last Connected > Specify the time interval for last connected warning coloring.

Hide ignored – By default, this option is active. It hides computers on the ignore list created by the administrator. To add any computer to the Ignore List, simply right-click the desired computer and from the context menu select Add to Ignore List... . You can also edit the Ignore List by clicking Ignore List... and applying the desired changes in the Remote Install Ignore List window.

3.The search results for the current search task are shown in the Computers section. From here, you can manage installation packages by clicking Package Manager... and run a Remote push install by clicking New Installation Task....


The context menu (right-click) of the Computers tab offers the following specific options along with the generic context menu options of ERA Console:

Add to Ignore List... –  To add the selected computers to the Ignore List

WMI Information... – To specify the WMI logon information of a computer.

Properties – Opens the Properties window where you can find all important information about the selected computer.

For the other context menu options, see the Context menu chapter.