New Installation Task

After clicking New Installation Task... from the Remote Install tab, select the Remote installation type you want to use from the following options:

Windows push - Executes remote installation of ESET client solutions on selected remote computers as a service. The installation method requires local administration credentials to push the installation agent to the target computer. Remote computers must have network sharing enabled and be online.

Windows push (WMI) - New feature in ESET Remote Administrator 5.3, which locates and executes an installation package located on a network share defined in the task details.
What is WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation manual on MSDN)?

Windows upgrade client - The most reliable way to upgrade ESET antivirus solutions (version 4.2 and later) on managed workstations. No administrator credentials are required, but the remote computer must have network sharing enabled.

Linux - Command-line installation of ESET client solutions on most Linux distributions with enabled SSH access.

Mac - Command-line installation of ESET client solutions on computers with the Mac OS X operating system with SSH access allowing execution of installation package.

Android - Send easy-to-follow download instructions to Android-powered devices and enable single-click enrollment.

Export - Export the desired package as executable installer (einstaller.exe file) in order to deploy ESET client solutions on computers outside ESET Remote Administrator. If you want to use the WMI method with the exported installer, click Settings... and select this export method prior to proceeding with the export.

Email - The ERA Agent installer will be sent to users in an email with instructions to complete installation.