To access ERA Console settings go to the main ERAC menu Tools > Console Options… or File > Edit Connections.... This tab is is used to configure the connection from ERAC to ERAS. For more detail, see chapter Connecting to ERAS.

The Connection tab lets you select which server you want to connect and whether you want to connect to that selected server at the ERA Console startup. The console can only be connected to one server at a time. If you want to add replicated servers, you need to set up replication in menu Tools/Server Options/Replication Settings...

NOTE: The port for connecting to ERA Server can be customized under Tool > Server Options > Other Settings tab (see chapter Other Settings).

Add/Remove... - use it to add new ERA Servers, or modify existing servers. Clicking this option will open the Connection Edit window. To add a new connection, enter the IP Address or the Hostname of the Server, Port to be used by the connection and a comment (optional). Click the Add/Save button to add the connection to the list of servers at the top of this window. Select a specific server for further options: you can either Remove it, use the Remove All option or edit the connection (similar to creating a new connection).

Connect to selected server on the console startup The console will automatically connect to a predefined ERA Server.

Show message when connection fails If there is a communication error, an alert will be displayed.