Mobile Log tab

This tab displays detailed logs from the mobile phones connected to ERA Server.



Mobile Id

Network ID of the mobile device

Client Name

Name of client where action was performed

Computer Name

Name of workstation / server (hostname)

MAC Address

MAC address (network adapter)

Primary Server

Name of the ERA Server a client is communicating with

Date Received

Time at which the event was logged by ERAS

Date Occurred

Time at which the event took place on client


Alert level

Log Type

Type of a log (e.g. Security Audit Log, SMS Antispam Log)


Description of the event

Object Type

Object to which the event is related (e.g. SMS, file, ...)

Object Name

Particular object to which the event is related (e.g. SMS sender phone number, path to file, ...)


Action performed (or error encountered) during the event