GPO Export

If you want to deploy ESET client solutions as part of Group Policy Software Installation in Active Directory in a domain environment, you can export the installer package from  ERA Server 5.3 while choosing the GPO Export (Group Policy Object) option. Copy the exported .msi installer and .xml configuration file to a shared folder (with read access)  available to the target computers to be managed by a common GPO.

Create a new GPO in or link an existing GPO to the desired Active Directory Organization Unit in the Group Policy Management Console.

1.Right-click your GPO and click Edit...


2.In the Group Policy Management Editor window under Computer Configuration (or User Configuration) > Policies > Software Settings > Software Installation  right-click the blank area, select New and click Package...


3.Browse to the .msi installer you copied into the shared folder.

4.Type the network path to the .msi installer you copied to the shared folder and then select one of the following deploy methods

a.Assign - install the software

b.Publish -  offer the software in Add/Remove programs (User-assigned GPO's only)

c.Advanced - to configure the Assigned or Published options, and to apply modifications to the package


5.After the Group Policy is applied and the target computers are rebooted  (or they just logoff/logon in case of User-assigned GPO's) the software will be automatically installed.