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Reset parental PINThe four-digit PIN is used to manage access to blocked websites or applications on the child's device. Therefore, we recommend that you use a strong PIN.

Require PIN (Only available on a parental device) - If enabled, the parental PIN is required to permit access to the Parental Control application and to respond to child requests. Enabling this option prevents a child from using a parent's device to bypass parental settings.

Send reports – Detailed summaries of your child's activities can be sent to your email.

Frequency – Set the frequency of email reports.

Anonymous Usage Statistics – Will send anonymous information (performance, operational statistics) about ESET Parental Control for Android that will help us improve the application and services.

Crash Reporting – Will send application crashes, malfunctions and issue reports to help us improve the application.

The week starts on – Set the option to start the week in your region on Monday or on Sunday. This will affect the appearance of the calendar in Time limits.