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ESET Parental Control for Android Introduction

ESET Parental Control for Android protects children from threats on their smartphones and tablets. The application itself is a standalone Android app completely integrated with the ESET HOME portal so that parents can monitor and adjust their child's online activity from any web browser by signing in to their ESET HOME account.

Category-based Web filtering restricts children from accessing inappropriate web content. ESET Parental Control for Android app is not intended for use by children, but is designed to allow responsive and flexible communication – children can request permission to access the content and apps they want. Parents can monitor their child's activity and respond to such requests either from the Parental portal or from their own Android device (provided they have ESET Parental Control for Android installed on their device).

App features include:

Application Guard – Blocking — Provides extra peace of mind for parents by allowing suitable apps for your children based on their age group. Age-inappropriate apps are automatically blocked.

Application Guard – Time Limits — Playing games, sharing with friends and improving skills online are important for children, but so are other family activities. This feature lets you set daily time limits for the apps of your choice.

Web Guard — Allows children to explore the Web, without access to inappropriate content. Simply enter the child’s age, and categories such as gambling and pornography are blocked automatically.

Child Locator — Shows the location of your children’s devices whenever you like, reducing anxiety about where they are if they forget to text or call you. Location is primarily determined from the GPS on their mobile device. If the GPS data is not available, it can determine the approximate location through Wi-Fi or GSM network.

Zones with alerts — Allows parent to create multiple zones. Parents will then receive a notification each time a child enters or exits a zone.

Child/Parent Setup Wizard — Helps you set up ESET Parental Control for Android in just a few easy steps.

Parental portal ( — Lets you sign up for a ESET HOME account to access the statistics and settings of your child's devices conveniently from your computer, tablet or smartphone. From the Parental portal, you can manage rules, view reports, learn about possible optimization issues on your child's device or locate them.