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You can create or edit a child's profile in the Children settings. To access the Children settings:

1.Go to the main menu three_dots_menu.

2.Select Children.

To create a new child's profile, tap the + button in the lower right. Fill out your child's name and select Gender, Age, and Date of birth. Your child's age will be used to filter out inappropriate applications and websites. You can also upload your child's photo or an avatar. To add a photo or avatar, tap the camera icon, and select a picture from your device. When finished, tap Save.

To edit an existing child's profile:

1.Select the profile you want to edit.

2.When you finish editing, tap Save.

Delete child profile

To delete the child's profile at least one of the following conditions must apply:

No device is assigned to the child's profile.

No device assigned to the child's profile was active in the past three days.


Deleting a child profile

Deleting a child's profile will cause the ESET Parental Control for Android on devices assigned to that profile to stop functioning.

Delete a child profile on ESET HOME

1.Go to the Parental Control section of ESET HOME portal.

2.Select the profile you want to delete.

3.Tap Profile.

4.Tap Delete profile.

5.Tap Remove to confirm.

Delete a child profile using ESET Parental Control for Android application

1.Open ESET Parental Control for Android application on your device.

2.In the main menu three_dots_menu, tap Children.

3.Select the profile you want to delete.

4.Tap the trash can icon.

5.Tap Remove to confirm.