Application Guard

With Application Guard, parents can control which applications a child can use and for how long. A list of applications is downloaded from the child’s mobile device. You can select from five predefined age groups with default values for blocked and allowed content, or customize the settings to your preference.

Blocking — Provides extra peace of mind for parents by only displaying apps suitable for children based on age group. Age-inappropriate apps can be automatically blocked.

Time Limits — Playing games, sharing with friends and improving skills online are important for kids, but so are the other family activities. This feature lets you set daily time limits for the apps of your choice.

There are three ways you can mark applications:

Appropriate (green thumb-up) – these applications are always enabled and children can use them all the time

Inappropriate (red thumb-down) – these applications are always blocked and access to them is forbidden

Fun & games (blue controller)these apps are appropriate and children can use them, but parents can set a time limit tor the usage



Time limits for fun & games are a part of Application Guard that sets a time limit for the usage of applications marked as fun & games. Parents can permit a child to use fun & games applications for a specified amount of time on their mobile device. A different time limit can be set for school days and non-school days, and the time allowed can be set to specific hours during the day.

You can also temporarily disable the time limits for occasions like vacations and holidays using Vacation mode. Here you can set a time and date and until this time the time limits and budgets are disabled.

To enable Application Guard and Time Limits for fun & games:

1.Open ESET Parental Control or log in to

2.Select a child.

3.In the Application Guard window, tap Change rules.

4.Select Block inappropriate apps and then select an age group.

5.Tap Save.

6.Expand the Time Limits for Fun & games.

7.Select the checkbox next to Limit fun & games if you want to set a specific time limit.

8.Adjust the amount of time allowed for school days and non-school days.

9.In Time restrictions, select Block fun & games at specific hours.

10.Select the squares to allow that time period for fun & games.




NOTE: If you disable app blocking but keep Application Guard enabled, app monitoring will be still active.