This is accomplished by allowing or denying individual network connections based on your filtering rules. It provides protection against attacks from remote computers and blocks some potentially dangerous services.

The Network module allows you to enable/disable and configure the following components:

Analyzes the content of network traffic and protects from network attacks. Traffic that is considered harmful will be blocked.

Detection and blocking of Botnet exlink communication. Quickly and accurately identifies malware in the system.

View a list of IP addresses that have been detected as the source of attacks and added to the blacklist to block connection for a certain period of time.

Helps you resolve connectivity problems caused by network attack protection.


To temporarily disable individual modules, next to the appropriate module, click the green slider bar MODULE_ENABLED. This may decrease the protection level of your server.

To re-enable the protection of a disabled security component, next to the appropriate module, click the red slider bar MODULE_DISABLED. The component is returned to an enabled state.

To access detailed settings of a specific security component, click the gear icon gear.

Load setup parameters using an .xml configuration file or save the current setup parameters to a configuration file.

Configure advanced settings and options based on your needs. To access the Advanced setup screen from anywhere in the program, press F5.