Mailbox database protection

The mailbox scanning process is triggered and controlled by the Microsoft Exchange Server. Emails in the Microsoft Exchange Server store database are scanned continuously. Depending on the version of Microsoft Exchange Server, the VSAPI interface version and the user-defined settings, the scanning process can be triggered in any of the following situations:

When the user accesses email, for example, in an email client (email is always scanned with the latest detection engine).

In the background, when use of the Microsoft Exchange Server is low.

Proactively (based on the Microsoft Exchange Server’s inner algorithm).


Mailbox database protection is not available for Microsoft Exchange Server 2013, 2016 and 2019.

Mailbox database protection is available for the following systems:

Exchange Server version and server role

Antispam protection

Anti-Phishing protection


Mail transport protection

On-demand mailbox database scan

Mailbox database protection

Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 (Mailbox)

Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 (multiple roles)

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 (Mailbox)

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 (multiple roles)

Windows Small Business Server 2011 SP1

This type of scanning can be performed on a single server installation with multiple Exchange Server roles on one computer (as long as it includes the Mailbox or Back-End role).