Exchange server roles

Edge role vs Hub role

Both Edge Transport and Hub Transport Servers have Antispam features disabled by default. This is the desired configuration in an Exchange organization with an Edge Transport server. We recommend that you have the Edge Transport server running ESET Mail Security Antispam configured to filter messages before they are routed into the Exchange organization.

The Edge role is the preferred location for Antispam scanning because it allows ESET Mail Security to reject spam early in the process without putting an unnecessary load on network layers. Using this configuration, incoming messages are filtered by ESET Mail Security on the Edge Transport server, so they can safely be moved to the Hub Transport server without the need for further filtering.

If your organization does not use an Edge Transport server and only has a Hub Transport server, we recommend that you enable Antispam features on the Hub Transport server that receives inbound messages from the Internet via SMTP.


Due to the technical restrictions of Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and newer, ESET Mail Security does not support Microsoft Exchange Server deployment with the CAS role only (standalone Client Access Server).