POP3 Connector and Antispam

Microsoft Windows Small Business Server (SBS) versions contain a native built-in POP3 Connector that enables the server to fetch email messages from external POP3 servers. Implementation of this Microsoft native POP3 Connector differs from one SBS version to another.

ESET Mail Security does support Microsoft SBS POP3 Connector, provided it is configured correctly. Messages downloaded via the Microsoft POP3 Connector are scanned for the presence of spam. Antispam protection for these messages is possible because the POP3 Connector forwards email messages from a POP3 account to Microsoft Exchange Server via SMTP.

ESET Mail Security has been tested with popular mail services such as Gmail.com, Outlook.com, Yahoo.com, Yandex.com and gmx.de on the following SBS system:

Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2011 SP1


If you are using a built-in Microsoft SBS POP3 Connector and have all email messages scanned for spam, press the F5 key to access Advanced setup, navigate to Server > Mail transport protection > Advanced settings and for Scan also messages received from authenticated or internal connections setting choose Antivirus, anti-phishing and antispam protection from the drop-down list. This ensures Antispam protection for emails fetched from POP3 account(s).

You can also use a third party POP3 connector such as P3SS (instead of the built-in Microsoft SBS POP3 Connector).