Troubleshooting Mirror update problems

In most cases, problems during an update from a Mirror server are caused by one or more of the following: incorrect specification of the Mirror folder options, incorrect authentication data for the Mirror folder, incorrect configuration on local workstations attempting to download update files from the Mirror, or a combination of the reasons above. Below is an overview of the most frequent problems which may occur during an update from the Mirror:

ESET Mail Security reports an error connecting to Mirror server - Likely caused by incorrect specification of the update server (network path to the Mirror folder) from which local workstations download updates. To verify the folder, click the Windows Start menu, click Run, enter the folder name and click OK. The contents of the folder should be displayed.

ESET Mail Security requires a username and password - Likely caused by incorrect authentication data (username and password) in the update section. The username and password are used to grant access to the update server, from which the program will update itself. Make sure that the authentication data is correct and entered in the correct format. For example, Domain/Username, or Workgroup/Username, plus the corresponding Passwords. If the Mirror server is accessible to “Everyone”, please be aware that this does not mean that any user is granted access. “Everyone” does not mean any unauthorized user, it just means that the folder is accessible for all domain users. As a result, if the folder is accessible to “Everyone”, a domain username and password will still need to be entered in the update setup section.

ESET Mail Security reports an error connecting to the Mirror server - Communication on the port defined for accessing the HTTP version of the Mirror is blocked.