Message format

Communications between the program and a remote user or system administrator are done via emails or LAN messages (using the Windows messaging service). The default format of the alert messages and notifications will be optimal for most situations. In some circumstances, you may need to change the message format of event messages.

Keywords (strings separated by % signs) are replaced in the message by the actual information as specified. The following keywords are available:

%TimeStamp% - Date and time of the event.

%Scanner% - Module concerned.

%ComputerName% - Name of the computer where the alert occurred.

%ProgramName% - Program that generated the alert.

%InfectedObject% - Name of infected file, message, etc.

%VirusName% - Identification of the infection.

%ErrorDescription% - Description of a non-virus event.

The keywords %InfectedObject% and %VirusName% are only used in threat warning messages, and %ErrorDescription% is only used in event messages.