Mailbox database protection

The following systems have Mailbox database protection available under Advanced settings > Server:

Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 (Back-End Server)

Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 (single server installation with multiple roles)

Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 (Mailbox server role)

Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 (single server installation with multiple roles)

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 (Mailbox server role)

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 (single server installation with multiple roles)

Windows Small Business Server 2003 SP2

Windows Small Business Server 2008

Windows Small Business Server 2011

note_icon_note NOTE

Mailbox database protection is not available for Microsoft Exchange Server 2013, 2016 and 2019.

If you deselect Enable antivirus and antispyware protection VSAPI 2.6, the ESET Mail Security plug-in for Exchange server will not be unloaded from the Microsoft Exchange server process. It will only pass through the messages without scanning for viruses. The messages however, will still be scanned for spam and the rules will be applied.

If Proactive scanning is enabled, new inbound messages will be scanned in the same order they are received. If this option is enabled and a user opens a message that has not been scanned yet, this message will be scanned before other messages in the queue.

Background scanning allows scanning of all messages to run in the background (scanning runs on the mailbox and public folders store, for example the Exchange database). Microsoft Exchange Server decides whether a background scan will run or not based on various factors such as the current system load, number of active users, etc. Microsoft Exchange Server keeps a record of scanned messages and the virus signature database version used. If you are opening a message that has not been scanned by the most current virus signature database, Microsoft Exchange Server sends the message to ESET Mail Security to be scanned before opening the message in your email client. You can choose to Scan only messages with attachments and filter based on time received using the following Scan level options:

All messages

Messages received within last year

Messages received within last 6 months

Messages received within last 3 months

Messages received within last months

Messages received within last week

Since background scanning can affect system load (scanning is performed after each virus signature database update), we recommend that you schedule scans to run during non-work hours. Scheduled background scanning can be configured via a special task in the Scheduler/Planner. When you schedule a Background scanning task you can set the launch time, the number of repetitions and other parameters available in the Scheduler/Planner. After the task has been scheduled, it will appear in the list of scheduled tasks and you can modify its parameters, delete it or temporarily deactivate the task.

Enabling the Scan RTF message bodies option activates scanning of RTF message bodies. RTF message bodies may contain macro viruses.

note_icon_note NOTE

Plain text email bodies are not scanned by VSAPI.

note_icon_note NOTE

Public folders are treated the same way as mailboxes. This means that public folders are scanned as well.