Configuring Proxy server for updates

If you use a proxy server for the Internet connection on a system where ESET Mail Security is installed, proxy settings must be configured in Advanced setup. To access the proxy server configuration window, press F5 to open the Advanced setup window and click Update > Profiles > HTTP proxy.

Select Connection through a proxy server from the Proxy mode drop-down menu and fill in your proxy server details: Proxy server (IP address), Port number and Username and Password (if applicable).


If you are unsure about proxy server details, you can select Use global proxy server settings from the drop-down list to auto-detect your proxy settings.

note_icon_note NOTE

Proxy server options for various update profiles may differ. If this is the case, configure the different update profiles in Advanced setup by clicking Update > Profile.

Use direct connection if proxy is not available - If a product is configured to utilize HTTP Proxy and the proxy is unreachable, the product will bypass the proxy and communicate directly with ESET servers.