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Post-installation tasks

The following are recommended tasks that cover initial configuration of your ESET Mail Security.



Product Activation

Make sure your ESET Mail Security is activated. You can perform activation in several different ways.


When the product is activated, the module update runs automatically. Check the update status to see if the update was successful.

Mail Quarantine manager

Get to know the Mail quarantine manager, accessible from the program's main program window. This feature enables you to manage quarantined messages such as spam, infected attachments containing malware, phishing messages and messages filtered out by rules. You can see details of each message and take action (release or delete).

Mail Quarantine Web interface

The Mail quarantine Web interface is an alternative to the Mail quarantine manager, enabling you to manage quarantined items remotely. The Mail quarantine Web interface also enables users (email recipients) to manage their quarantined messages. Users can be notified about newly quarantined content with Mail quarantine reports sent via email. We recommend that you configure the reports.

Mail Quarantine reports

Create a scheduled task to send Mail quarantine reports to yourself and to selected users to enable them to release (deliver) certain false positive messages and manage their quarantined content via the Mail quarantine Web interface (online viewer). Users can access the Web interface by clicking a link provided in the Mail quarantine reports and logging in using their domain credentials.

Antispam - Filtering and verification

Antispam is a sophisticated cloud-based functionality that prevents your users (email recipients) from receiving spam. We recommend that you use filtering and verification and add your local IP addresses to the Ignored IP list. IP addresses within your network infrastructure will then be ignored during classification. You can configure and manage the rest of the Approved, Blocked and Ignored lists to customize filtering and verification. You can also enable Greylisting if you decide to use this feature.


A powerful feature that enables you to filter email messages based on defined conditions and actions. Use pre-defined rules (modify if required) or create new, customized rules to fit your needs. Rules can be configured for any protection layer (Mail transport protection, Mailbox database protection or On-demand mailbox database scan).

Antivirus test

Verify that Antivirus protection works correctly.

Antispam test

Verify that Antispam protection works correctly.

Anti-Phishing test

Verify that Anti-Phishing protection works correctly.