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Send Mail Quarantine reports - scheduled task

Mail Quarantine reports are notification emails sent to selected users and administrators to inform them about their email messages that were quarantined by ESET Mail Security. Reports contain links that enables you, as well as users who receive the Mail Quarantine reports, to delete or release (deliver) false positive (FP) email message directly. Delivery of certain messages that were filtered out by rules or put into Mail Quarantine by Antivirus protection is not permitted for regular users.


To start sending quarantine reports, create a scheduled task (Tools > Scheduler > Add task) and choose Send mail quarantine reports or Send mail quarantine administrator reports task type. When selecting recipients, linked mailboxes are included in the list of available mailboxes.

The Send mail quarantine reports / Send mail quarantine administrator reports task sends a Mail Quarantine report via email according to the specified scheduled task. This is an example of user Mail Quarantine report:


Mail quarantine report also contains a link to User Mail Quarantine Web interface (open online viewer).


Send mail quarantine reports task is available only when you are using Local quarantine. You will not be able to use it with Quarantine mailbox and MS Exchange quarantine.

Sender address

Specify an email address which to display as a sender of the Mail Quarantine report.

Max count of records in report

You can limit the number of entries per report. Default count is set to 50.


This URL will be included in the Mail Quarantine report so that the recipient can simply click the link to access the web interface of Mail Quarantine.


Choose users who will be receiving Mail Quarantine reports. Click Edit to select the mailboxes for specific recipients (linked mailboxes are also supported).


Mail quarantine report will only be sent if there are quarantined messages. If the quarantine is empty or there are no new items since the last report, the report will not be sent. When the Mail quarantine report is sent, it will contain only newly added items since the last report (not the whole quarantine content).


Objective: Create a scheduled task to send Mail Quarantine reports on a regular basis to yourself as an administrator, or to inform users of their spam messages currently stored in the mail quarantine.

Navigate to Tools > Scheduler > Add task and open the wizard.

Type the Task name and select Task type from the drop-down menu.

Send mail quarantine reports (the report will contain only specific user's spam messages) or Send mail quarantine administrator reports (the report will contain all messages, the whole quarantine), click Next.

Select one of the options to define when you want the task run. For example, Weekly at 10.00.00 AM on Friday.

Specify Sender address (

Click Edit to add Recipients from the list. Select the user's mailboxes who will be receiving Mail Quarantine reports.