Mailbox count tool

Use the Mailbox count tool to determine number of mailboxes in your organization. It provides more information than Mailbox count on the Monitoring page. It is a command line tool. Download 32-bit or 64-bit Mailbox count tool, depending on your IBM Domino installation:

32-bit Mailbox count tool exlink

64-bit Mailbox Count tool exlink

Run the tool with administrator privileges, or open a Windows Command Prompt (cmd) using Run as administrator. You can simply run the executable EMSL_VerifyMailboxCount_32.exe or EMSL_VerifyMailboxCount_64.exe to see the mailbox count.


If you need more detailed information, run the tool with one of the following parameters (options):

/names - displays extended information that includes user names, mailboxes and mail servers

/details - displays extended information and a list of Databases with their paths

/help - lists available options, you can also use /?


Information shown when you use /names parameter on a standalone Domino server:


Same parameter on a server with multiple Partitions:



If your IBM Domino Server is not running, or if you use incorrect version of the Mailbox count tool, you may receive an error message: