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Antispam protection

Antispam protection for your mail server is enabled by default. To turn it off, click the slider bar next to Enable antispam protection.


Disabling Antispam protection will not change the protection status. Even though the Antispam is disabled, the green You are protected is still displayed in the main program window's Monitoring section. Disabled Antispam is not considered a reduction in protection level.


Use Domino server whitelists to automatically bypass antispam protection

You can define whitelists (IP addresses or hostnames) which are automatically checked when the IBM Domino starts (and every minute thereafter). Exclusions are in place for antispam and greylisting according to values defined in the whitelists.


It is necessary that the Antispam database be updated regularly for the Antispam module to provide the best possible protection. To allow regular updates to the Antispam database, make sure that ESET Mail Security has access to the correct IP addresses on the necessary ports. See our Knowledgebase article for further information on what IPs and ports to enable on your third-party firewall.

You will find other settings for each feature in its section:

Filtering and verification

Advanced settings

Greylisting settings


Sender spoofing protection