What's new

Antispam - This essential component went through a major redesign and is now using brand new award winning engine with improved performance.

On-demand database scan - On-demand database scanner is now using parallel scanning to improve the performance.

Rules - The Rules menu item allows administrators to manually define email filtering conditions and actions to take with filtered emails. Rules in the latest version of ESET Mail Security were redesigned to allow for greater flexibility giving the user even more possibilities.

ESET Cluster - Similar to ESET File Security 6 for Microsoft Windows Server, joining workstations to nodes will offer additional automation of management due to the ability to distribute one configuration policy across all cluster members. The creation of clusters themselves is possible using the node installed, which can then install and initiates all nodes remotely. ESET server products are able to communicate with each other and exchange data such as configuration and notifications, and can synchronize data necessary for proper operation of a group of product instances. This allows for the same configuration of the product for all members of a cluster. Windows Failover Clusters and Network Load Balancing (NLB) Clusters are supported by ESET Mail Security. Additionally, you can add ESET Cluster members manually without the need for a specific Windows Cluster. ESET Clusters work in both domain and workgroup environments.

Storage scan - Scans all shared files on a local server. This makes it easy to selectively scan only user data that is stored on the file server.

Component-based installation - You can choose which components you want to add or remove.

Processes exclusions - Excludes specific processes from Antivirus on-access scanning. Due to the critical role of dedicated servers (application server, storage server, etc.) regular backups are mandatory to guarantee timely recovery from fatal incidents of any kind. To improve backup speed, process integrity and service availability, some techniques that are known to conflict with file-level antivirus protection are used during backup. Similar problems can occur when attempting live migrations of virtual machines. The only effective way to avoid both situations is to deactivate antivirus software. By excluding specific process (for example those of the backup solution) all file operations attributed to such excluded process are ignored and considered safe, thus minimizing interference with the backup process. We recommend that you use caution when creating exclusions – a backup tool that has been excluded can access infected files without triggering  an alert which is why extended permissions are only allowed in the real-time protection module.

eShell (ESET Shell) - eShell 2.0 is now available in ESET Mail Security. eShell is a command line interface that offers advanced users and administrators more comprehensive options to manage ESET server products.

Hyper-V scan - Is a new technology that allows for scanning of Virtual Machine (VM) disks on Microsoft Hyper-V Server without the need of any "Agent" on the particular VM.

Better integration with ESET Remote Administrator including the ability to schedule On-demand scan.