In the context of Antispam solutions and email clients, rules are tools for manipulating email functions. They consist of two logical parts:

1)Condition (e.g., an incoming message from a certain address)

2)Action (e.g., deletion of the message, moving it to a specified folder)

The number and combination of rules varies with the Antispam solution. These rules serve as measures against spam (unsolicited email). Typical examples:

Condition: An incoming email message contains some of the words typically seen in spam messages 2. Action: Delete the message.

Condition: An incoming email message contains an attachment with an .exe extension 2. Action: Delete the attachment and deliver the message to the mailbox.

Condition: An incoming email message arrives from your employer 2. Action: Move the message to the “Work” folder.

We recommend that you use a combination of rules in Antispam programs in order to facilitate administration and to more effectively filter spam.