User interface

The User interface section allows you to configure the behavior of the program's Graphical user interface (GUI). You can adjust the program's visual appearance and effects.

hmtoggle_plus1User interface elements

Alerts and notifications - By configuring Alerts and notifications, you can change the behavior of detected threat alerts and system notifications. These can be customized to fit your needs. If you choose not to display some notifications, they will be displayed in the Disabled messages and statuses area. Here you can check their status, show more details or remove them from this window.

Access setup - You can prevent any unauthorized changes using the Access setup tool to ensure that security remains high.

Help - Use locally installed offline help as a primary source of help content.

ESET Shell - You can configure access rights to product settings, features and data via eShell by changing the ESET Shell execution policy.

Context menu - Right-click an item to display the ESET Mail Security context menu integration. Use this tool to integrate ESET Mail Security control elements into the context menu.

Presentation mode is useful for users who want to work with an application and not be interrupted by pop-up windows, scheduled tasks and other processes that might stress system resources.

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