You can view statistics for all of active ESETS agents here. The Statistics summary refreshes every 10 seconds.

Figure 6-6. ESETS - Control > Statistics.


NOTE: When viewing scan statistics in ESET Mail Security, the number of Scanned, Cleaned and Infected items includes all email attachments scanned. For example, if an email with 2 attachments is scanned, 3 scanned objects will be shown because the email message itself without attachments counts as 1 object.

The number of Accepted, Differed, Discarded and Rejected items refers to email messages only and does not include attachments. For example, if an email containing 2 attachments is rejected, 1 rejected item will display. For this reason, the sum of Accepted, Differed, Discarded, Rejected items may not match the number of Scanned items.