Key features of the system

Advanced engine algorithms

The ESET antivirus scanning engine algorithms provide the highest detection rate and the fastest scanning times.


ESET Mail Security is developed to run on single- as well as multi-processor units.

Advanced Heuristics

ESET Mail Security includes unique advanced heuristics for Win32 worms, backdoor infections and other forms of malware.

Built-In features

Built-in archivers unpack archived objects without requiring any external programs.

Speed and efficiency

To increase the speed and efficiency of the system, ESET Mail Security's architecture is based on the running daemon (resident program) where all scanning requests are sent.

Enhanced security

All executive daemons (except esets_dac) run under a non-privileged user account to enhance security.

Selective configuration

The system supports selective configuration based on the user or client/server.

Multiple logging levels

Multiple logging levels can be configured to get information about system activity and infiltrations.

Web interface

Configuration, administration and license management are offered through an intuitive and user-friendly web interface.

Remote administration

The system supports ESET Remote Administrator for management in large computer networks.

No external libraries

The ESET Mail Security installation does not require external libraries or programs except for LIBC and several core utilities (ED, etc.).

User-specified notification

The system can be configured to notify specific users in the event of a detected infiltration or other important events.

Low system requirements

To run efficiently, ESET Mail Security requires just 250MB of hard-disk space and 256MB of RAM. It runs smoothly under the 2.6.x Linux OS kernel versions as well as under 5.x, 6.x FreeBSD OS kernel versions.

Performance and scalability

From lower-powered, small office servers to enterprise-class ISP servers with thousands of users, ESET Mail Security delivers the performance and scalability you expect from a UNIX based solution, in addition to the unequaled security of ESET security products.