ESETS mirror http daemon

The http mirror daemon in ESET Mail Security allows you to create copies of update files which can be used to update other workstations located in the network. Creation of the "mirror" – a copy of the update files in the LAN environment is convenient, since the update files need not be downloaded from the vendor update server repeatedly and by each workstation. They are downloaded centrally to the local mirror server and then distributed to all workstations, therefore avoiding the potential risk of network traffic overload. This is also a typical feature of ESET Remote Administrator.

The http mirror daemon needs to be properly configured to start and enable the mirror. In the example below esets_mird is configured to listen on port 2221 of a computer with the local network IP address The following parameters in the [mird] section of the ESETS configuration file need to be specified:

agent_enabled = yes
listen_addr = ""
listen_port = 2221

Options ‘listen_port’ and ‘listen_addr’ define the port (default 2221) and address (default: all local tcp addresses) where the http server listens. If you set the value of the ‘auth_mode’ switch from 'none' to 'basic', the mirror will require authentication. The options ‘username’ and ‘password’ allow the administrator to define the login and password required to access the Mirror.

NOTE: ESET mirror http daemon does not support HTTPS protocol.