Enable systemwide real-time protection

validation-status-icon-error WARNING

Enabling system-wide real-time protection may result in very high resource usage.

Follow the steps below to enable system-wide real-time protection:

1.In the ld.so.preload, add the library path libesets_pac. Based on your cpu architecture (32 or 64 bit) the path can be as follows:

32 bit:


64 bit:



Execute the following command from a terminal window as root:

echo "/opt/eset/esets/lib64/libesets_pac.so" > /etc/ld.so.preload


2.In the Configuration > PAC section of Web interface:

a.Select Include dirs and define the paths to be scanned.

b.Select AV targets to be scanned.

c.Adjust Logging to log every scanned file by selecting all log types.

3.Click Save changes, then click Apply Changes.