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Security Report

Security Report provides a comprehensive overview of each program module, its respective status, and statistics. You can also enable the modules that are not currently enabled from the Security Report screen. Each program module section contains the following information.

If some of the information are not present, it means that zero occurrences happened.


App scans

Threats found

Database updates

Detection occurred

Files scanned

Apps updated

App Lock

Number of protected applications

Number of successful application unlocks

Number of unsuccessful unlock attempts


Scanned links

Scanned notifications

Detected threats

Call Filter

Outgoing calls

Received calls

Blocked calls

Payment Protection

Number of protected applications

Number of scans of protected applications

Number of issues found

Number of how many times you launched banking or payment app from Safe launcher

Security Audit

Roaming alerts represents number of times you were alerted of being connected to a roaming network

Open WIFI warnings

Network Inspector (only on devices with Android 12 or older)

Network scans

Devices found

Vulnerabilities found


ESET Mobile Security will display a brief monthly report message in the Android notification bar every month. If you do not want to receive these notifications, enable the Don't show monthly report notification option.