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Connecting to ESET HOME

To use this feature, upgrade to ESET Mobile Security version 6.3 or later.


Activating ESET Mobile Security via ESET HOME

If you want to activate one device via ESET HOME a second time (for example, after reinstallation of ESET Mobile Security), you need to manually remove the device from the subscription in ESET HOME before you proceed. Otherwise, you cannot activate this device via ESET HOME.

Connect your device to an existing ESET HOME account

1.Tap the menu button hamburger_menu.


arrow_down_homeContinue with Google
arrow_down_homeCreate Account or Log In
arrow_down_homeContinue with Apple
arrow_down_homeScan QR code

3.If you are logging in to your ESET HOME account for the first time with this device, create a nickname to help identify the device in ESET HOME. Tap Next.

4.If you use a free trial and have an available subscription in ESET HOME, you will be offered to activate ESET Mobile Security.

a.Select the applicable subscription.

b.Tap Activate.

5.Tap Finish.

Disconnect your device from ESET HOME

1.Tap the menu button hamburger_menu.

2.Tap ESET HOME account.

3.Tap Disconnect device. If your device is not connected to ESET HOME, this option is unavailable.

4.Use your fingerprint or type your PIN.

5.Tap Disconnect.