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Free and Premium subscription features

ESET Mobile Security has two available versions:

Free—Basic features are free to use for an unlimited time

Premium—Premium features are activated until your subscription expires


This table indicates which features are available in the Free and Premium versions:





Antivirus—Automatic Scans


Automatic Updates of Detection Modules


App Lock


Anti-Theft—Web Portal


Anti-Theft—SIM Guard


Network Inspector (Android 12 and older)




Call Filter


Payment Protection


Security Audit


Security Report


Mobile subscription usage example

You use an Android smartphone, Android tablet and Android smart TV. On all these devices you are logged in with the same Google account.

You have purchased a Mobile subscription for ESET Mobile Security via your smartphone. After the purchase, you receive an activation key on the email associated with your Google account.

You can use that subscription to activate ESET Mobile Security on your Android tablet and ESET Smart TV Security on the Smart TV via ESET HOME or the activation key.