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Trusted contacts

In the Trusted contacts section, add or remove the phone numbers of your friends and family members that will be able to:

Receive an alert SMS after detecting an unauthorized SIM card in your device

Send you SMS commands


To add a new Trusted friend, tap+ icon_plus and type the friend's name and mobile number or tap the silhouette icon face_phone_contacts to select a contact from your phone's Contact list. To remove a Trusted friend, select the entry and tap the bin icon action_button_delete.

If a Trusted friend entry contains more than one phone number, the alert SMS will work with all associated numbers. For detailed guide visit Add a Trusted contact in ESET Mobile Security for Android knowledgebase article. (Knowledgebase articles are not available in all languages.)


Call services when being abroad

If you are abroad, type all phone numbers into the list with the international dialing code followed by the actual number (e.g., +1610100100).